Students nowadays are under great pressure to excel in their studies and to achieve a better position in life. Most of the university students are starting to resort to smart drugs. Teenagers are becoming more responsible and have turned their backs on drinking, smoking and frivolous drugs. The only thing they look up to are these smart drugs to help them fasten up their cognitive ability and to boost their memory and learning abilities.

Modafinil – The Popular Stimulant:

Modafinil is the class of smart drugs that fall under the stimulant category. Basically stimulants do the job of reducing your drowsiness, which in turn increases your productivity.  Modafinil was introduced in the market as an anti-narcolepsy drug, but as largely used by students and professionals working on night shifts.

Modafinil is comparatively a new comer in the smart drug category and has gained momentum in the past 15 years. While research and studies are underway to arrive at the actual functioning of the smart drug towards the brain functioning, the ability of Modafinil to create alertness and ability to help a person stay awake for long hours is a major driving force in the popularity of this stimulant smart drug.


The usage of Modafinil Smart drug:

This stimulant is widely used by students in the following circumstances, according to a small survey conducted among university students:

  • During examination days to focus more and have a good memory power.
  • When they need to complete a project and require staying awake all night to do some reference works.
  • Students who take up part time jobs after college hours also take up Modafinil to stay awake and alert and get rid of sleepiness.
  • They find it as a better and effective option to taking caffeine and nicotine.


Availability of Smart Drugs to Students:

Although there is nothing bad in taking these smart drugs, still most of them are not to be sold without proper prescription. But students find many ways to get them. Students usually order these drugs through pharmacy sites mostly based out of the Asian countries. At times they get them from regular dealer in their very own campus.


Reported Side effects of the Smart Drug:

While the positive effects of taking smart drugs are really numerous, they do have some manageable side effects too. Some of the commonly reported side effects on

  • Energy draining in the days to come after consuming the smart drugs.
  • Splitting headaches might occur in few cases.
  • For few rashes might appear.
  • Fatigue and loss of appetite are also seen among few students who have taken Smart Drugs.
  • Loss of Weight
  • Mood Swings
  • Insomnia


Since sleep is one most required factor to refresh and rejuvenate our minds and to refresh our knowledge, depriving our body from sleep by using these smart drugs will definitely do harm to our brain tissues to a certain extent.  In students particularly, their brains will be in the development phase and disturbing its natural routine by taking such drugs is generally not advisable. Also it is a well-known fact that getting and using medicines without a proper prescription from a doctor is not a wise act.

External Pressure factors:

The reason behind this trend of youngsters resorting to smart drugs is many. The following factors can be attributed towards this increasingly popular inclination towards smart drugs.

  • Increasing cost of education, which makes the students ensure that they score best results in their exams. They can never afford to take a second chance.
  • The competitive job market- only the toughest survive in this competitive market and even a matter of few marks matter a lot. So they rely up on Smart drugs to increase their scores and prove themselves better than the rest.
  • The living cost and other affiliated cost during the student phase is rising steadily and the sooner they graduate the better. Hence Smart drugs become the only option to achieve greater momentum.
  • To have better focus and stay awake and alert for longer durations they take smart drugs basically used to treat disorders like narcolepsy and ADHD syndromes.


Although the side effects of long-term use of these drugs are still under research, these external factors, more aptly external pressures tend them to take these smart drugs.

Like caffeine or nicotine, when smart drugs are taken on a regular basis, it becomes more of a routine practice and gets inculcated in the day – to – day activity of the user. Also students are seen suffering from short-term damages like sleep deprivation, depression, anxiety and this might also lead to some possible long-term effects, which is literally unknown and is under research.

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